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    Here in NYC, our closest option for any decent climb is Bear Mountain. On a clear day, you'll be able to see the cityscape of downtown Manhattan. Featured in the Gran Fondo NY, it raises 1284ft over the Hudson River. Don't be fooled by the first half, it's a category 2 climb for a reason. Challenge yourself and others to this climb and remember those painful minutes by rewarding yourself with this patch!

    Bear Mountain Climb details

    • 2" Round Embroidered Patch
    • Sewn or iron on
    • Package include archival back card & pink reusable anti-static reclosable bag – fits iPhone

    Instructions for applying
    • Preheat the machine to 325°F.
    • Place the patch on the desired position, and cover it with a light-weighted cloth.
    • Then, iron with firm pressure for 10 to 15 seconds.
    • Preferably, heat from both topside and underside of the garment.
    • After it is cooled down, check the adhesion.
    • Note: Fabrics vary. You need to perform a preliminary test first. Emblems are only to be applied to the fabrics that can withstand temperature 325°F. Satin, nylon, or waterproof fabric might not be suitable to apply to.

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